Meat from the Sea is Fuel for Runners

Monterey Bay, CA, is no doubt a runner’s paradise. With its streets and hiking trails providing a variety of running routes, you can have a change of scenery every time. You also get to enjoy the fresh sea air from the bay; and, after a satisfying run, you can reward yourself with a sumptuous but healthy meal in one of the excellent restaurants in the area.

Snappy Crabs

Members of the crustacean family offer a lot of benefits to running buffs. Red king crab, for example, contains seven milligrams of zinc in every 3.5-ounce serving. Zinc is needed for muscle recovery and in improving respiratory functions, which is critical in preserving stamina for endurance runs.


Shrimp or prawn dishes can pack up to one-third the daily allowance of Vitamin D in a 100gram serving. This vitamin is needed to protect the bones against stress fractures.


Salmon is not only delicious, it also packs 2.5 grams of omega-3 fatty acids per 100g serving, which serves runners well by keeping blood pressures low and regulating heart rates.


Shellfish meals can work wonders in a runner’s body. Mussels, for example, are rich in Vitamin B12, which helps channel oxygen to the muscles via the red blood cells. A 100g serving of oysters packs at least three times the daily intake of B12, plus zinc and selenium.


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