Must-Try Food at Monterey’s Fisherman’s Wharf

When heading out to Monterey’s Fisherman’s Wharf, one of the primary objectives of visitors is to satisfy their palates and tummies. With its many restaurants, the place is indeed a paradise for food lovers. If you’re planning a food trip in Monterey, here are some must-try menu items. Continue reading


Meat from the Sea is Fuel for Runners

Monterey Bay, CA, is no doubt a runner’s paradise. With its streets and hiking trails providing a variety of running routes, you can have a change of scenery every time. You also get to enjoy the fresh sea air from the bay; and, after a satisfying run, you can reward yourself with a sumptuous but healthy meal in one of the excellent restaurants in the area. Continue reading

Fish “Swimming” in Wine

Fine dining, especially at Monterey restaurants, calls for sumptuous dishes that go well with your preferred libation. When your palate calls out for seafood, it may even “beg” to have wine in the mix. A number of food experts – and even your waiter – can recommend some seafood-wine pairings that will leave you with a happy smile.


Some food connoisseurs claim that salmon is a very easy fish meat variety to pair up with wine. Both reds and whites work; consider a Chardonnay or a Pinot Noir to match salmon’s rich texture.


If you’re in the mood to crack open some shells, clams or mussels all buttered up and cooked in garlic make the perfect choices. Light white wines and champagne are good palate cleansers. Chardonnays and baked oysters make a potent combination, especially when the oyster has a nice cream coating. Continue reading

Why Crab is good for you

The next time you visit a local seafood restaurant, try something else besides fish, such as a delicious and healthy crab dish. Here are a few reasons why you should pay the tasty crustacean a gastronomic visit.

Protein – Crab meat is a great alternative to conventional livestock meat as a protein source, more so for gym buffs looking to ramp up their muscle mass. It contains almost as much protein per 100 grams as any type of conventional livestock or poultry meat, and is completely free of unhealthy saturated fats to boot. In addition, crab meat protein is one of the highest quality proteins available that is easily digestible. Continue reading

Facts about Italian Food

Italian food is known for its healthy qualities and rich taste. As a result, it has found its way to food establishments ranging from fast food joints, all the way to the most authentic and expensive city restaurant. Below are some Italian food facts:

Al dente. Pasta can be undercooked or overcooked. Chefs test this by tossing strands on the wall to determine if it has reached Al dente perfection. If they stick, that means the noodles are good to go.

The bread. You won’t be given any plate or bowl to dip the bread in olive oil because you should use it to mop leftover sauces from your other dishes. Continue reading

Fun Family Experience at the Fisherman’s Wharf

The city of Monterey, California is a well-known place for activities like kayaking, scuba diving and going to the beach. With famous attractions like the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Cannery Row, it provides tourists and natives alike with many interesting way of keeping entertained like deep sea fishing.

Whale watching is also a popular activity enjoyed by families and people of all ages. Cruise along the bay onboard a glass bottom boat to observe gray whales, sea otters and seals in their natural habitats. Other forms of entertainment that the whole family can enjoy, like sketching caricatures, visiting the Wharf Theatre, and wharf walks with historian Tim Thomas are also highly recommended. Continue reading

The World’s Love Affair with the Monterey Spot Prawn

The Monterey Spot Prawn has captured the hearts of seafood aficionados around the world. Actually a shrimp, it is considered as the largest in the U.S. West Coast. Its fine-dining status and limited availability make it one of the most sought-after ingredients in the kitchens of celebrated restaurants. Continue reading