Finest Wines: Great Restaurants Offer More than Just Seafood

We at Domenico’s are proud to be counted among the best fine dining seafood restaurants here at the Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey. It’s not just our seafood that makes us great, though; our selection of steaks, pasta, and other menu items are also beloved by our customers. And then, there’s our prized wine selection.

Here at Domenico’s, we believe that wine is about sophistication, not just mere imbibing. As such, we offer only the finest local, French, and Italian wines which our customers can pair with our great food.


Why Monterey Bay Restaurants Make Great Wedding Reception Venues

No one can deny the beauty of the iconic Monterey Bay in California, which beckons thousands of visitors and tourists each year to partake in its rich culture. As a community thriving near the waters where scrumptious ocean life is aplenty, the area is home to some of the finest Monterey restaurants like Domenico’s on the Wharf. For those who dream of a barefoot beach wedding at the sandy shores of the Bay’s rich blue waters, our restaurant is the perfect wedding reception venue.

Romantic Atmosphere

The sea has always been a popular element for countless romantic stories of old. This is why there’s no better way to celebrate a joyous wedding than to be near the refreshing breeze of the open ocean. Domenico’s on the Wharf is conveniently placed near the water which will give wedding guests an expansive view of the beautiful Bay. At night, the Fisherman’s Wharf is even more breathtaking with gorgeous lights of all colors reflecting on the clear waters.

Craving Lunch in Monterey? Discover Great Choices at this Seafood Restaurant

Lunch time serves as your break from the stresses of everyday work, and having lunch away from the desk will give your mind enough time to recuperate. Skip the fast food and opt for some real and delectable dishes at Monterey restaurants for a refreshed mood that’ll help make work more manageable for you for the rest of the day. Also, since exposure to nature has been repeatedly proven to increase attention span and creativity, your mind can relax with spectacular views of the open seas that only Domenico’s on the Wharf has to offer.

Here at Domenico’s, you can find the freshest and best-tasting dishes for an enjoyable lunch break. Our menu includes a diverse range of palatable pastas and raviolis, sandwiches and broilers, salads, soups, appetizers, steaks, and sea food to satisfy your hunger. Cooked to perfection and immersed in a fine blend of spices, our dishes will surely keep you coming back for more.

Monterey Restaurants, Attractions, and Lodgings Make for a Great Time

If you’re a San Francisco resident who desires a vacation that has all the bases covered, Monterey, CA may be the one that fits the bill. Think about it: fine dining at leading Monterey restaurants, a bevy of activities, and quality accommodations all waiting to pamper you to no end. It may be the respite you and your loved ones need after a long grind at work or school. SheKnows contributor Karen Miner says learning about the attractions and where else to go in the city will help maximize your trip time.

Monterey Bay’s lush Pacific Coast location tugs at the traveler in you who wants a healthy serving of marine bounty. That’s where Italian seafood restaurants in Monterey, CA like Domenico’s on the Wharf come into play. They offer the finest-quality seafood dishes served by the most courteous and competent staff you can ever find.