Monterey Desserts: Domenico’s Signature Homemade Sweets


Here at Domenico’s on the Wharf, we believe that we can’t count ourselves among the best restaurants in Monterey unless we give our customers a complete dining experience. To achieve this, we always aim to provide exceptional customer service and, of course, continue expanding our menus.

With that in mind, let’s talk about desserts. Traditionally, a dessert serves as the conclusion to an evening meal, though that’s not the only way to eat it. Desserts are essential parts of the meal, which is why we decided to include them in our menu. In this update, we’ll talk about our decadent homemade desserts that have placed us among the top restaurants in Monterey, CA.


The Wine and the Crab

Some restaurants proudly claim to be the gold standard for seafood in Monterey, and the presence of the Alaskan red king crab on their menu gives credence to the claim. Still, when it comes to fine dining, a good bottle of wine is never far from a guest’s mind. If you want to know which wine goes best with those exquisite red king crabs, consider the following: Continue reading

Why Crab is good for you

The next time you visit a local seafood restaurant, try something else besides fish, such as a delicious and healthy crab dish. Here are a few reasons why you should pay the tasty crustacean a gastronomic visit.

Protein – Crab meat is a great alternative to conventional livestock meat as a protein source, more so for gym buffs looking to ramp up their muscle mass. It contains almost as much protein per 100 grams as any type of conventional livestock or poultry meat, and is completely free of unhealthy saturated fats to boot. In addition, crab meat protein is one of the highest quality proteins available that is easily digestible. Continue reading

Fun Family Experience at the Fisherman’s Wharf

The city of Monterey, California is a well-known place for activities like kayaking, scuba diving and going to the beach. With famous attractions like the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Cannery Row, it provides tourists and natives alike with many interesting way of keeping entertained like deep sea fishing.

Whale watching is also a popular activity enjoyed by families and people of all ages. Cruise along the bay onboard a glass bottom boat to observe gray whales, sea otters and seals in their natural habitats. Other forms of entertainment that the whole family can enjoy, like sketching caricatures, visiting the Wharf Theatre, and wharf walks with historian Tim Thomas are also highly recommended. Continue reading

Dining Etiquette at Italian Restaurants

Why the fascination with Italian restaurants? Well, for many, Italian restaurants offer the best of both worlds—delectable and sumptuous food, all at a good price. Not everyone is aware, though, that there are certain etiquette rules when eating at a fine dining Italian restaurant. Here are some to keep in mind:

Eat your pasta quietly

Pasta is an Italian restaurant staple, making it quite unusual for anyone to head out to a restaurant without ordering pasta. Most restaurants today offer a wide variety of pasta dishes to cater to a specific diner, like seafood pasta for those who have sworn off eating meat. Whatever type your pasta is, always twirl the strands with your fork against the side of the plate and avoid making slurping noises when you eat them. Continue reading

Food Photos: Trend or Nuisance?

When you dine at a popular restaurant, you’ll probably want to have a record or proof of your culinary adventure. With the explosion of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, what better way to document your luxurious meal than to take a quick picture of it? Now you can share and show the world the meal you’ve just enjoyed, and you can’t help but rave about it.

People take pictures of food all the time—you probably have friends on social media that don’t go a day without doing it. However, with so many people out there who have made it their mission to make sure no meal goes un-shared, a rebellion is brewing. Continue reading

Making Healthier Seafood Choices

Seafood is already considered a healthier option than red meat and other food types, but you can always up the ante and go for the healthiest kind. The following seafood contain the highest levels of omega-3 fatty acids and come from the least-pressured habitats, making excellent choices for a meal – whether you are buying at the market or having dinner at a Monterey restaurant.

Dungeness Crab

With hundreds of ways to enjoy Dungeness Crabs, you can try one recipe everyday and still be hankering for more. The undisputed King of the West Coast has a sweet and tender flesh, and guarantees to whet your appetite. It has been given a “Best Choice” sustainable seafood rating by Seafood Watch so you can dive in with your crab cracker absolutely worry-free. Continue reading