Must-Try Food at Monterey’s Fisherman’s Wharf

When heading out to Monterey’s Fisherman’s Wharf, one of the primary objectives of visitors is to satisfy their palates and tummies. With its many restaurants, the place is indeed a paradise for food lovers. If you’re planning a food trip in Monterey, here are some must-try menu items. Continue reading


“Grub Hunter” Visits One of the Best Monterey Seafood Restaurants

Here at Domenico’s On the Wharf, we have always celebrated our milestones however big or small they may be. In fact, we have been fortunate enough to be recognized for our efforts, and we can proudly say that we are among the best seafood restaurants in the whole Monterey area.

We have been awarded the AAA Three Diamond Restaurant citation in 2010, a Wine Spectator Award of Excellence in 2003, a Mobil 5 Star Quality Rated in 2006, and more recently, the OpenTable Diner’s Choice 2015 award. It is no surprise, then, to have such a renowned journalist like Mike Hale (a.k.a. the Grub Hunter) to come by our fine establishment for a taste of our famous food.

King Salmon is Back at Local Monterey Seafood Restaurants this Season

King Salmon has been holding the throne on every Californian’s table for centuries now, from all the way back when the Sacramento River was found teeming with the fish during the Gold Rush.

Today, it remains a highlight dish on the menu of local Monterey seafood restaurants. Come commercial fishing season, diners begin to flock on restaurant tables waiting to be served the all-time favorite King Salmon, which comes in countless recipes. Visit us here in Domenico’s and try our one-of-a-kind King Salmon special.

Meat from the Sea with Your Beer, Sir

A recent Gallup survey established that around two-thirds of adults in America prefer drinking beer over wine. Some of them may have brought the habit into places that serve quality seafood in Monterey, and order a fresh draft with their meal. It begs to ask though – which seafood dishes go well with the restaurant’s beer offerings?

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Monterey Seafood Restaurants Welcome Visitors from All Over the World

The state of California has been a shining example of what a diverse society should look like for many years, ranking second among the most diverse states in the U.S. The state is practically a melting pot of races from just about every corner of the world, giving the unique characteristics that make tourists and visitors feel at home. Like all the best Monterey seafood restaurants, Domenico’s On the Wharf aims to uphold this noblest of traditions by welcoming international guests and visitors from all over the world with open arms.

The Rich History of Monterey
Monterey has always been blessed with an abundance of wildlife, fish, and other natural resources which made it very attractive for many people looking to settle in in the days of old. That explains why Monterey is home to many of the most famous restaurants in the country. Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo is a Spanish explorer who has the honor of being the first Euro-American to ever set foot on the bay.

Monterey Seafood Restaurants and Sustainable Fishing in Bristol Bay

On December 2014, President Obama made the very significant move of protecting one of America’s greatest cradles of marine life: the Bristol Bay. Through a Presidential Memorandum, Obama placed the area under indefinite protection from oil and gas drilling. As the Bristol Bay serves as one of the most precious aquatic resources in the world—providing about 40% of America’s seafood, accounting up to $2 billion in commercial fishing, and being home to many endangered species—the President deemed the bay “too special and too valuable to be auctioned to the highest bidder”, a remark that many owners of Monterey seafood restaurants would certainly agree with.

Domenico’s very own Sam Mercurio ventures the Alaskan seas himself yearly to commercially fish for sustainable salmon in Bristol Bay. When certain species are tagged as “sustainable”, it means that they exist in populations large enough to continuously and naturally reproduce for future generations.

Why Monterey Seafood Restaurants are Perfect for Corporate Farewell Parties!

Organizing a farewell party is like organizing a party for any other occasion. Naturally, the center of the plan is the person or persons leaving, and the going-away party should ideally be held at a venue where the whole group can feel comfortable and relaxed. Having good food at hand is, of course, a big plus.

One of the best places to hold the party is at local Monterey seafood restaurants like Domenico’s On the Wharf, especially if the ones leaving are known to have a penchant for seafood.