Meat from the Sea is Fuel for Runners

Monterey Bay, CA, is no doubt a runner’s paradise. With its streets and hiking trails providing a variety of running routes, you can have a change of scenery every time. You also get to enjoy the fresh sea air from the bay; and, after a satisfying run, you can reward yourself with a sumptuous but healthy meal in one of the excellent restaurants in the area. Continue reading


Spot Prawns: Monterey’s Prized Possession

Every day, fishermen in Monterey catch tons of Monterey Bay spot prawns, which are considered to be the place’s prized possession. These prawns are not just famed for their alluring sweet flavor, but also for the sustainable fishing method used to catch them, which results in low environmental impact.


 To catch spot prawns, Monterey fishermen usually use a pot assembled by hand and carefully constructed to enable smaller prawns to escape and reach their full length. These pots are not only a work of an expert, but are also made to protect other prawns, particularly younger and smaller prawns, thus protecting the fishery. Often, chefs that use Monterey Bay spot prawns for their dishes demand that all the prawns delivered to them should be of the same size, or simply have roe sacs.

The Expansion of the Spot Prawn Fishery

 Spot prawns were first caught in the area during the 1930s, when these were accidentally caught in traps made for octopus around Monterey Bay. Until now, spot prawns are being caught from Monterey Bay every day and are being sold for premium prices. Usually, freshly-caught spot prawns sell for $18 a pound and drops to $15 after a day.

Aside from shopping for freshly-caught spot prawns, there are other ways you can enjoy these delectable seafood. Visit restaurants in Monterey that offer this delicacy like Domenico’s On the Wharf and find out why they’re such a hit first-hand.

Meat from the Sea with Your Beer, Sir

A recent Gallup survey established that around two-thirds of adults in America prefer drinking beer over wine. Some of them may have brought the habit into places that serve quality seafood in Monterey, and order a fresh draft with their meal. It begs to ask though – which seafood dishes go well with the restaurant’s beer offerings?

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Where do Spot Prawns Live?

Among the many sumptuous seafood available in Monterey restaurants, Monterey Bay Spot Prawns is perhaps one of the most popular choices among food enthusiasts and casual diners alike. With a distinctive sweet taste and firm texture, spot prawns are considered the largest species of shrimp found along the west coast of the United States. At times, however, these mouthwatering treats can be hard to find.

Their Natural Habitat

Spot prawns are usually found on various water depths and habitat types. Young spot prawns are seen along muddy bottoms, while adults can be found along crevices, rock piles, corals, sponges, debris-covered bottoms, and under boulders. It has been said that fishermen can catch more spot prawns at around 60 fathoms, but usually they can also be found between 2 to 250 fathoms. To catch these prawns, fishermen would simply design traps and, at times, trawl nets for larger harvests, yet catching them doesn’t have any effect on their population or habitat yet.

Around the World

Aside from the west coast of the United States, spot prawns can also be found along the coasts of British Columbia and Alaska. In fact, spot prawns are the most commercially harvested shrimp in British Columbia, and are among the most popular seafood dishes in Japan, wherein you can opt to have them cooked or eat them raw.


Family Friendly Activities in Monterey

California’s “First” city is known for its notable historical attractions and is chock full of activities kids and adults can enjoy. For those who want to go on a holiday that provides the perfect opportunity to bond with their children and loved ones, a Monterey family vacation will create memories that can last a lifetime                                                                                                                      

Let’s Get Physical

The Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park is perfect for adventurous families who enjoy hiking, camping and other outdoor activities that involve exploring and appreciating one’s natural surroundings. You can visit the Point Lobos State Reserve, which is simply the best place for diving and for checking out the coast’s stunning tide pools. Continue reading

The Wine and the Crab

Some restaurants proudly claim to be the gold standard for seafood in Monterey, and the presence of the Alaskan red king crab on their menu gives credence to the claim. Still, when it comes to fine dining, a good bottle of wine is never far from a guest’s mind. If you want to know which wine goes best with those exquisite red king crabs, consider the following: Continue reading

Fun-Filled Activities in Monterey Bay

While the beaches along Monterey might be enough for a fun weekend, coming to this place won’t be complete without marveling over the diversity of underwater life Monterey Bay has to offer. Monterey Bay boasts a plethora of fish species, with many of them on display at the famed Monterey Bay Aquarium. The Aquarium has over a million visitors a year, and it’s not that hard to see why, with about 550 species of underwater fauna on over a hundred exhibits. Get ready to be astounded by their aquarium exhibits, particularly their display of numerous jellyfish species, sea otters, and even a giant Pacific octopus, among many others. Continue reading